1. No Smoking
  2. Use of Emergency Exit windows for true emergencies only.
  3. If a group is requested to leave a Winery;
    the wine trail association does not permit us to take you to anymore wineries.
  4. For your own safety we ask that you remain seated while the bus is in motion
    No standing forward of the white line
  5. No drinking Liquor (beer & wine are permitted)
  6. No Chocolate based food items.
  7. Please do not leave open containers on the seat while in the winery. Bus will move to park and it will spill.
  8. It is highly suggested that you eat while on your wine tour.
  9. It is recommended that you visit no more than five wineries in a day.
  10. For groups of 15 or more the wineries do require that you make an advanced reservation.