What we do- an overview of our business
The Finger Lakes Winery Tours Bus & Limousine company is located next to Seneca Lake in Geneva, NY. We have several newer mid size touring coach buses, shuttle buses, Limo buses, party busses, stretch Limousines, Trolleys, Sedans & SUV's.
We can accommodate groups of any size. We can take you to the wineries of your choice or we can help with an itinerary. Or our trained Chauffeurs will help guide you to some of the best wineries in the area along with a stop for lunch & or dinner.

About us - how we got started and why

In the early months of 2001 Mike decided to plan a wine tour for his friends. As he shopped around to hire a bus/limo company he was surprised to discover that the transportation companies in the area couldnt recommend an itinerary, couldnt offer suggestions as to where to eat, where to go, and that his driver got lost. He had to do all the research and planning on his own. Thats when he decided that guests to the region need someone that can help them plan their outings to get the most out of the day. Mike founded the company on the principal that guests need someone whom will be sure their entire day is flawless from start to finish. In the summer of 2001 Mike FitzGerald started the company with just one bus. Over the years it has grown to include over 20 vehicles. He remembers the time when he was a wine tour guest and how much he needed an experienced company to work with. Those memories are evident in the companies customer service today. The staff is trained to know the wineries, the restaurants, breweries, hotels, itineraries, & routes. Mike makes certian that his staff including the reservationists, dispatchers, & drivers all have the knowledge and tools to help guests have the best wine touring experience. When you choose our company you can rest assure that you are choosing the most experienced company with the most resources to ensure you have a wonderful outing. After all; you work hard for your time off and you deserve it!

Our Chauffeurs- Professional men & women at your service

All of our Chauffeurs qualify at the highest obtainable level of certification from NY State DMV requirements. Several Chauffeur's come directly from the Wine Industry and can educate your group about wine while touring.What sets us apart is that our Chauffeurs are on the wine trail every week; therefore they know exactly where to take your group based upon your desires.

Maintenance- Certified Maintenance program

Each vehicle goes through a rigorous maintenance program. We are certified by NYS to operate our transportation service. Our in-house fleet mechanics check over each vehicle constantly to be sure all systems are in working order. Preventative maintenance is the theme of our program. We replace parts prior to their life expectancy. This insures that your vehicle is in good working order at all times.

Prices- How we set them

Most prices in any industry are set by market conditions. The prices follow the simple rule of supply and demand. We are fully aware of the difference in prices available in the limo & bus industry. We are also aware of the differences in quality. Most of the time you will find that we offer very good deals. Although we may not be the cheapest (although we often are); we do offer the best value. We hire only professional & mature persons. Our maintenance program is constantly hard at work to ensure a safe & reliable vehicle. We want to offer only a first class service. We do not cater to those customers looking for the absolute cheapest possible price. If you are one of those persons; bear in mind your safety, comfort, & the reliability of the company you hire. Fact: 75% of limo/bus companies go out of business within their 1st year. 50% don't carry workers compensation, many don't carry the proper insurance. When you the customer go for the absolute cheapest price you can find; you are often getting the lowest quality service. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Do yourself, your family, & friends a favor; when you book a limo service- make sure they are reputable!


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