Frequently Asked Questions:

RULES of the Limousines/Busses/Trolleys

Q: What is the cost per person?
A: Each tour is booked out by the vehicle on an hourly rate except for the packages. Prices range from $25 to $500 per person.

Q: When does the time start?
A: Unlike other bus companies our time starts when we pick you up. Other bus companies are known to start their time when they leave their Garage. Therefore you get less hours. Thats not fair and we dont do that.

Q: How many wineries do we go to?
A: We go at your own pace and direction. Or... we can create an itinerary for your group to follow. Your choice.

Q: Can we drink on the bus?
A: YES! NYS DOT and DMV law allow passengers of commerical vechiles with NYS DOT operating authority to consume alcoholic beverages while on-board the motor vehicle. You can eat too. Just no smoking..

Q: What can we expect from a Chauffeur?
A: Our drivers are on the wine trail every week. Therefore; they can be relied upon to guide your througout your day.
A: We also have drivers who are FROM the wine industry that can educate you all day long (if thats what you want).

Q: Whats the typical gratuity for the Chauffeur?
A: 20% is the standard industry rate.

Q: What if we have to cancel?
A: The cancellation fee is usually on a sliding scale. Meaning the closer you come to the date the more of a fee you would incur if you had to cancel. (does not apply to all trips, please review your contract!)

A typical weekend tour-

The following is an example of a typical weekend tour. A group drives to the Finger Lakes region on a Friday afternoon. They stay the night in a local hotel or bed and breakfast or cottege. On Saturday morning our Chauffeur picks up the group and heads for the wine trail. The wineries are open from 10am to 5pm and most groups like to start around 11am. We tour till 5pm. Touring and tasting at as many wineries as possible. On average, between tasting, buying wine, and driving to the next winery, groups under 20 persons spend 50 minutes per winery. At 5:00 pm the Chauffeur would generally take the group to a fine local restaurant where reservations are already made. After dinner the wine trail guide would take the group back to there place of accommodation. Sunday morning the group returns to their home(s).


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