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Wine Tours in Geneva

The Best Wine Tours in Geneva

Are you looking for something to do with a few friends? Maybe it’s a special occasion like a bachelorette weekend, or maybe it is even your honeymoon weekend. There are a lot of group activities out there. There are epic and scenic hikes through the mountains of upstate New York, there are pub crawls and wild nights awaiting you in any major city, and there is more fine dining in the area than any refined person could handle.

But what about an activity that has a little of everything, with elegance and refinement to spare?

Finger Lakes Winery Tours has been providing wine tours through the Geneva area since 2001. This experience has allowed us to become more than familiar with the famous vineyards that surround the marvelous Seneca Lake. With a wine tour, you get the rolling vistas of grape-vines, sparkling lakes, and beautiful vineyards. It has the freshness and fulfillment of any outdoor adventure, but with that little something extra. It is also an activity that all your friends can enjoy together. Our diverse fleet of luxury cars, SUVs and limousines can accommodate groups of any size.

What other activity could blend the social ease of a group out on the town, the great outdoors, and life’s finer things?

Wine Tours All Along Seneca Lake With Finger Lakes Winery Tours

Our wine tours typically get started right at the top of the great Seneca Lake, which spans the 34-mile distance down to the beautiful village of Watkins Glen. Around Seneca Lake, there are over 35 wineries and vineyards, so there is no shortage of beautiful sights, relaxing stops, and delicious wines.

The wine is a huge appeal of a wine tour, but there is also the scenery to behold. Wine you can taste, purchase, and take home with you. The scenery, though? That stays in Geneva.

You want to be able to give those vistas the thoughtfulness and time they deserve. Would you be able to enjoy your tour if you were driving? Likely not. You’d be focused on the foreign roads ahead of you. You’d be pausing for directions instead of pausing for a gorgeous view.

If you book a wine tour with Finger Lakes Winery Tours, you don’t have to be the odd one out. Yourself and all the other guests can enjoy the experience equally.

Benefits of Booking a Wine Tour

Tasting the wine is one of the major appeals of a wine tour. Unfortunately, you can’t do that when you’re the designated driver. You’re burdened with the responsibility and perpetually preoccupied with everyone’s safety. If you book a guided wine tour with Finger Lakes Winery Tours however, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Not only that, but we’re also intimately knowledgeable about the wineries throughout the Geneva area. We’re not just chauffeurs, we’re also your knowledgeable tour guides with a passion for wine and the Geneva countryside. Who better to lead you through the fields of Geneva than a team like us?

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