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Cheese Trail Tours in Ithaca

While there might be other companies offering cheese trail hours in the state of Ithaca, there is no one who does it quite like Finger Lakes Winery Tours. Proud members of the United Motorcoach Association, the National Limousine Association, and the Transportation Safety Exchange, Finger Lakes Winery Tours has provided the most luxurious, informative, and fun-filled cheese trail tours for years. Whether you have your sights set on Hemlock Ridge Farm or the raclette style cheese of East Hill Creamery, Finger Lakes Winery Tours can guide you. Our cheese trail tours offer more than just fine cheeses. Our professional chauffeurs will lead you through the beautiful sights of Ithaca and beyond. To hear more about our cheese trails, packages and gift certificates, call Finger Lakes Winery Tours.

Sustainable Cheese Trail Tours in Ithaca

A tour of the many creameries throughout Ithaca offers more than just a sampling of rich, delicate cheeses. When you visit any of the dozen or more dairy farms, you’ll pass endless acres of rolling hills, beautiful vineyards, ranches, and gorgeous greenery. These sights are made all the more enjoyable by our first-class chauffeurs. Not only are they excellent drivers, but their knowledge of the regions within Ithaca is incomparable.

Over the years, we’ve worked to fine-tune our services—for our clients, yes, but also for the betterment of the landscapes we drive through and the planet itself.

In an effort to help preserve the beautiful land that surrounds us, we’ve committed ourselves to offering only sustainable cheese trail tours by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. How do we do this? With our “Green Fleet” or sustainable vehicles!

Finger Lakes Winery Tours’s approach ensures that our customers are getting the most environmentally conscious tour possible, while not sacrificing any of the comforts of the conventional cheese trail tour. We tally our collective emissions and make significant investments in CO2-sequestering projects, environmental organizations, and so on.

When environmentally harmful practices hide in plain sight everywhere we go, we think it is refreshing to take the sustainable approach to enjoying the beautiful sights of Ithaca. We hope you do too!

Would you like to hear more about the local farms and creameries throughout Ithaca? Give Finger Lakes Winery Tours a call today.

Guided Cheese Trail Tours Through Ithaca

One of the many benefits of a cheese tour led by Finger Lakes Winery Tours is the leisurely atmosphere. A cheese trail tour combines many different activities into one. First, there is the unparalleled scenery of rural Ithaca. These sights are rarely seen by someone unless they’re seasoned hikers or campers. Secondly, there is the cheese. In other parts of New York, people would have to crowd themselves into tiny high-end restaurants to taste cheese of this caliber. Finger Lakes Winery Tours, however, is able to bring you to the very place these many cheeses come from. You won’t need to commute through Manhattan to taste the pungent cheeses of Parulski Farms. And the upside? You’ll be surrounded by your friends, family, the knowledgeable artisans responsible for the cheese, and Finger Lakes Winery Tours’s courteous guides.

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